Sacred Heart Medical Center (SHMC) at RiverBend is designated by the Oregon Health Authority as a Level II Trauma Center and verified by the American College of Surgeons as a Level II Trauma Center, the only Level II in Oregon and Washington States with this prestigeous ACS verification.

The role of the Level II trauma center is to provide definitive care for severely injured adult and pediatric patients with complex trauma. The services available at a Level II trauma facility and the resource requirements are similar to those at a Level I trauma center. Physicians who are ATLS trained and experienced in caring for traumatically injured patients, nurses, and ancillary staff are in-house and immediately available to initiate resuscitative measures. A board certified general surgeon and anesthesiologist are on-call and available to the patient. A neurosurgeon is on-call and promptly available. There is a broad range of specialists available for consultation or care, and comprehensive diagnostic capabilities and supportive equipment are available. Level II trauma centers serve as regional resource centers for definitive care, quality assurance, community education, outreach, and injury prevention.

Emergency Surgical Services

Sacred Heart Medical Center (SHMC) at RiverBend provides care for any emergent surgical condition. Its core group of physicians are trained in trauma, critical care, and all aspects of general surgical care. Many are nationally recognized for their work in clinical care and the advancement of research related to acute surgical conditions. The core group is complimented by a larger group of surgical subspecialists that bring nuanced decision making and technique to any surgical disease. SHRB is a leader in the PeaceHealth network with regards to optimizing the outcomes and satisfaction of its patients. Acute Care Surgical patients are seen at the nearby clinic regularly following their hospital discharge.

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