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These pins represent all of the places people have traveled to have Dr. Bascom perform the “Bascom Procedure” for them.

Pilonidal Disease

General surgeons in training all over the world are taught the “Bascom Procedure” as the best treatment for pilonidal disease. This was named for Dr. John U Bascom, MD, PhD, who developed this novel approach to pilonidal disease.

His son, Dr. Thomas Bascom, has perfected this technique over the past thirty years with excellent outcomes known worldwide. The Bascom Flap is otherwise know as the Gluteal Cleft Lift procedure. This has been revolutionary, as this disease process is difficult to cure. Dr. Bascom has worked to train several partners, as well as surgeons throughout the world, in his specific techniques. You would never guess by his humble nature, that this local surgeon has a place in the surgical history books. He continues to serve our community as well as patients from all over the world.

Thomas Bascom