Surviving the Unthinkable

As surgeons in the emergency room at Sacred Heart Medical Center at RiverBend, the Northwest Surgical Specialists trauma team has seen their fair share of tragedies, including mass shootings. Watch this special report for tips on how you can help save lives if you are ever caught in an active-shooter situation.

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Passion for Patients: Four local healthcare providers and how they found their path

Eugene Magazine By Julie Winsel

Eugene Magazine By Julie Winsel

Photo credit: Jeremy Bronson
Published December 2018
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Listen More Than You Speak

Dr. Nichole Ingalls has a passion for medicine in tough places. With multiple trips to Latin America, time in the Air Force, and continuing international work, her love of what she does emanates through her words. As a partner at Northwest Surgical Specialists, she was highly recommended by a number of peers for her work and medical mission experiences.

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Corridors to community care

Celebrating a decade of medical education in Springfield and Eugene

By Suzi Steffen
Spring 2017 Bridges magazine
May 23, 2017
Photo credit: Amiran White

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Meet Your Neighbors: The Clark Family

North Gilham Living May 2017

By North Gilham Living
May 2017

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Improving Treatment Near and Far

Many of our surgeons stay active in research and are frequently published in medical journals. This work helps improve care for our own patients, as well as those across the globe.

Dr. Ingalls has been published four times in the last year in the Injury and Military Medical Journals on topics related to her specialty in Trauma and Acute Care Surgery. […]

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20 Under 40 Awards Recipient Travis Littman

Northwest Surgical Specialists Surgeon; age: 37

By Sherri Buri McDonald
The Register-Guard
Blue Chip, 20 Under 40 Awards Special Section
Dec. 5, 2016
Photo credit: By Amiran White, For The Register-Guard

As a surgeon at Northwest Surgical Specialists, Dr. Travis Littman is helping patients, a local medical center and the region.

For the past five years, Littman has been the medical director for trauma care at Sacred Heart Medical Center at RiverBend in Springfield. In that […]

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