Anorectal Disorders

There are many disorders of the anus and rectum that can be debilitating. These can cause pain, inability to control your stool, leakage from the anus between bowel movements, infection, bleeding, and aching pain after bowel movements. Many patients falsely think they have “hemorrhoids” and little can be done. In actuality, there are many conditions with different treatments. Many of these are non-surgical. A surgeon understanding your specific symptoms coupled with a physical exam can often reveal the cause of your symptoms. We can then give you advice, prescribe medication, and offer surgical solutions for your symptoms if needed.

Examples of anorectal disorders include anal fissures, anorectal fistula, inflammatory bowel disease, cancer, external or internal hemorrhoids, rectal prolapse, pruritus ani and traumatic injury. We have expertise in all of these conditions and want to help you.

Hemorrhoids And Treatment

Herorrhoid Illust

Herorrhoid Banding

Fecal incontinence, where stool passes without control, affects 2% of the population. This is often undiagnosed, and can lead to social isolation if untreated. There are effective surgical and nonsurgical treatments depending on the cause and severity.

Rectal Prolapse And Treatment

Rectal Prolapse

Before and after surgery, you may need to utilize medications to soften your bowel movements. See this document for assistance in choosing these medications.